World record for walking with a guitar on the chin

Newshub18:World record for walking with a guitar on the chin.

A man walks on the running track at the stadium. He has a guitar right in the middle of his mouth and chin while walking. The person is walking while maintaining the balance of the musical instrument. In this way he has covered more than three miles. And in that he has set a world record. He now holds the record for balancing the guitar with his chin and walking the longest.

The incident took place in the northwestern US state of Idaho. The United Press International (UPI) reported in a local time on Tuesday that the man who set a record by balancing the guitar on his chin was David Rush. He has covered 3.4 miles in this way. It took 1 hour and 6 minutes. For this, he had to cross the running track 13 times in a stadium there.

According to Guinness World Records, no one before Davis Rush has traveled that far with a guitar in his chin. This unique feat has helped him to make a name for himself in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Speaking to the media about setting the record, David said he had to fight against light winds while walking. Be careful not to lose your balance and let the guitar fall off your chin. And he was suffering from headaches while walking. So at the end of the walk he had to lie on the ground for a long time. Only then was he able to return to normal. However, he is very happy to set a world record.


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