Will Biden’s age as president be a ‘burden’ again?

Newshub18 :Will Biden’s age as president be a ‘burden’ again?

Is Joe Biden too old to run for president in the second term? – AFP
The question of Biden’s age continues to fuel debate, especially for the country’s Republican camp and right-wing media.
On the other hand, most of the media in the country, including the Democrat camp, seem to be uninterested in propaganda by raising this question.
Democrat Joe Biden won the November 2020 presidential election. His opponent in this election was the then US President Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

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On January 20, 2021, Biden was sworn in as the 47th President of the United States. He became the oldest president of the United States.
Biden is currently seeking re-election in the 2024 presidential election. Debate is growing in the country’s political arena on this issue.
Biden will turn 60 on November 20. His age issue has put Democrats in a difficult position. Because, in the next presidential election, Biden has no clear alternative so far in front of the party.
A recent article in The Atlantic concluded that Biden was “physically fit” to serve as US president. However, his age will be much higher during the next presidential election.
Right-wingers claim Biden is suffering from dementia. However, The Atlantic did not support this claim.


Biden, however, is dissatisfied with his own camp. According to a New York Times poll published Monday, 64 percent of Democrats say the party should nominate a candidate other than Biden in the 2024 election.
In the case of candidates, those who want change cite Biden’s age as the main reason.
If Biden becomes president for a second term, he will be 72 years old. When the second term ends, he will be 6 years old.
Former United States President Ronald Reagan resigned in 1989. He was 6 years old at that time.
As The New York Times wrote last Saturday, Biden’s age has become an uncomfortable subject for himself, for his team.

Like his predecessors, Biden continues to perform a number of tedious tasks. These include the Ukraine war, firearms violence, inflation, and the actions of the hardline Conservative Supreme Court.
Biden underwent a health check last November. The test concludes that he is a strong man. However, he has mild problems with acid reflux and arthritis.
No matter what the test says, Biden’s demeanor is different. Understandably, there is a lot of pressure on him. His white hair is getting thinner and thinner. He is also seen to be very careful in movement.
For example, while reading something from a teleprompter, Biden sometimes loses his temper. Or he stumbles upon reading.
President Biden has been seen repeatedly making unnecessary remarks on sensitive diplomatic issues. The White House has to hurry to deal with his remarks.

Biden appears to hold fewer press conferences than his predecessors. He also gave less interviews in the media. However, he likes to express his views in newspapers. Because, in this case the content can be handled with care.
On weekends Biden often disappears from his home in the state of Delaware for two or three days. White House reporters do not always reach Biden.
Leaders posed for a group photo at the G-7 summit last month. Biden’s age gap with other leaders of the alliance was then clearly visible. Among them is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 50. And French President Emmanuel Macho is 44 years old.

However, his colleagues are busy proving that Biden’s age does not matter. His senior adviser, Mike Donilon, told The New York Times that the president wanted to work while on the plane. On the other hand, all young workers want to sleep.
Biden’s predecessor Trump is now 6 years old. He is a potential Republican presidential candidate in the next presidential election. Trump has started talking about his age to defeat potential opponent Biden.
Trump recently wrote on his social media platform that there are many people in their 60s and even 90s. These people are physically fit, as sharp as ever. In fact, life begins at the age of 60. However, Biden is not part of this group

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