Why Saudi working women are interested in bob haircut

Newshub18 :Why Saudi working women are interested in bob haircut

Saudi Arabia’s female doctor Safi (pseudonym) has started new work at a hospital in the country’s capital Riyadh. After taking the job, Safi went to the saloon and cut his long wavy hair up to his neck. Many working women in Saudi Arabia now have short hair like this. News AFP.
This type of short haircut is known as boycott in English. The participation of women in the workplace has been on the rise under Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Working women find this type of haircut convenient.

Safi said that there is another reason for cutting hair in this way. He said that it is possible to concentrate more on work by avoiding the unwanted gaze and attraction of men towards hair.
Lamis, a hairdresser at a salon in Riyadh, said the trend of short hair or boycotts is on the rise among female shoppers. 7 out of 30 buyers want to boycott. Boycott is very popular among women now. Especially working women prefer this type of haircut.
During the time of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the mandatory rule of wearing hijab on the head was relaxed. Women have been given the opportunity to participate in various concerts.

The opportunity to go to the stadium and watch the game has also been given. In 2016, women were allowed to drive. In addition, in Saudi conservative society, restrictions on the movement of women without male guardians were relaxed. Women can get passports and travel abroad without the permission of male relatives.
The Saudi prince has set a target of increasing women’s participation in the workplace by 2030. Last month, the World Economic Forum in Davos reported that the target for women’s participation in the workplace had reached 30 percent, despite a target of 30 percent.
In an interview with AFP, most working women say they find haircuts convenient for work.

“I am a working woman,” said Abir Mohammed, a 41-year-old woman who runs a men’s garment factory. I don’t have time to take care of my hair. My hair is curly. I don’t have time to take care of my big hair before I go out to work in the morning. ‘
Rose, 29, works as a salesman at a mall in Riyadh. She says, ‘Because of her short hair, she feels different and independent. At first my family objected. But then they got used to it. ‘ Nauf works in a cosmetics shop. “Through short hair, we mean that our role in society is not very different from that of men,” she said. She thinks short hair is a manifestation of women’s strength.

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