Why India withdrew under pressure from Arab countries?

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India is embroiled in a tug-of-war with Arab countries after two leaders of the ruling BJP in India made controversial remarks about the Prophet of Islam. After a comment on a TV debate went viral on social media, it was met with strong criticism and reactions from various Gulf and Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Why India withdrew under pressure from Arab countries?

Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims have been rampant in India since the BJP came to power in 2014.
But such a response from Arab or Gulf countries has never been seen before. What is the reason for their sudden reaction?

Why this reaction?

Analysts say the Arab League’s long-running protests are unprecedented. One of the reasons for this is that over the last two decades, relations between India and the Arab countries, especially in the Gulf region, have improved tremendously. And the second reason is that Arab countries do not usually comment on India’s internal affairs.

Since the BJP government came to power in India, there have been many attacks on religious minorities in the country, especially Muslims. Several Muslims have been beaten to death in the name of protecting cows. But in those cases, there has been no public outcry or criticism from Gulf countries condemning or criticizing India.

Analysts say that while religious reasons are the main reason for the exception this time around, social media has played a key role in this, with angry reactions as well as calls for a boycott of Indian products.

Talmiz Ahmed, a former Indian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or the UAE and Oman, said Arab leaders had been forced to take a public stand as the controversial remarks spread through social media in the Gulf states.
He said the foreign policy of these countries is based on their national interests. And their main policy is not to comment on any other country.

The comment was made about the Prophet of Islam and his familyWe know that the importance of Prophet Muhammad in the Muslim world and the Muslim community will not accept any insulting remarks about him. This has crossed the red line, “he said.

Mr. Ahmed said, “The first reaction came through social mediaSocial media has put pressure on religious and political leaders in the region. The remarks about the Prophet Muhammad created anger and public opinion which eventually forced the leaders of the countries to take a stand. To put it bluntly, the leaders had no choice.
What is the relationship between India and Arab countries?

Over the past two decades, India’s relations with the Gulf and Arab states have become quite close, both economically and strategically.

At present, half of India’s total imports come from the six member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an alliance of Gulf countries.

Adding Iran and Iraq, 70 per cent of India’s petrol comes from the Gulf countries.

Half of India’s annual imports of natural gas come from Qatar. India’s trade relations with these countries are also very strong.

India exports ২৫ 25 billion a year to the UAE. In addition, GCC members employ more than 6.5 million Indians in six Gulf countries.