Who is the successor of Boris?

Newshub18 :Who is the successor of Boris

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has resigned as party chief amid unprecedented pressure from the government and his own party. In this situation, speculation has started about who will be the successor of Boris.

Since Boris has no successor, many senior Tory (Conservative) leaders may take advantage of his departure. The Boris government has been in turmoil since the resignations of Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javed on Tuesday. The Prime Minister quickly appointed Nadeem Jahabi and Steve Berkeley to their posts. Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid are also in the discussion of a person who can take his place if Boris Johnson leaves. Apart from this, some members of the current cabinet and former cabinet are also under discussion. Let’s find out about them:

Liz Truss: British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is very popular at the grassroots level of the Conservative Party. He is a politician from the liberal wing of the Tories. Iron Man Margaret Thatcher is compared to him. He has been leading the Foreign Office since last September. He is the spokesman for Britain’s response to Russia’s war in Ukraine. He is also leading talks with the European Union on post-Brexit relations. Liz Truss is the Minister of Commerce and has played a role in the implementation of Brexit.

Nadeem Jahabi: Nadeem Jahabi is the new Finance Minister of the United Kingdom. Earlier, he was the education minister. She came to the UK from Iraq as a child refugee. Before he was elected to the British Parliament in 2010, he founded the survey agency YouGov. Completed Chemical Engineering at University College London. As coronavirus infections increased, he was praised for his work as a vaccine minister. In 2016, he supported Bexit. He is popular among the grassroots.

Rishi Sunak: Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak (42) is leading the race to replace Boris. He has been praised for his economic recovery package in the coronavirus epidemic. But he has been criticized for not cooperating enough in people’s lives and for taxing rich wives. Along with Boris, he is also accused of violating the Covid lockdown rules. But despite criticism, he is one of the most sophisticated Tory politicians.

Ben Wallace: A year ago, Defense Minister Ben Wallace, 52, was on the list of those who could be rivals for the new Tory leadership. He also has popularity in the team. His position has been created to deal with the Ukraine crisis. The former army captain entered politics in 2005. Until 2015, David Cameron and Theresa May served as junior ministers in the government.

Sajid Javid: Former Health Minister Sajid Javid (52) was an experienced member of the cabinet. He has led six departments of government. His position in the 2019 leadership competition was fourth.

Penny Mordont: If anyone outside the current cabinet can come to the post of Prime Minister, he is Penny Mordount (49). He is very popular in the Tory team. In a recent survey of the next Tory leadership, he lags slightly behind Wallace.

Jeremy Hunt: The 55-year-old former Secretary of State was second only to Boris in the 2019 leadership battle. Over the past two years, Hunt has used his experience as a former health minister.
In addition, Tom Tugendhat, 49, chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Home Minister Preeti Patel are leading the race


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