Where the clock is ticking

Newshub18 :Where the clock is ticking,Now know unic matter from this article

The clock was ticking at 11 o’clock. According to the conventional rules, it will ring at 12 o’clock after 1 hour. But suddenly he saw that it was not 12 o’clock but 10 o’clock. You must be surprised. One would be surprised to see an area inhabited by a small ethnic group in India. There the clock hand does not rotate in the conventional way, it rotates counter-clockwise.

That is, instead of going from left to right, they keep running from right to left. The rule there is that the clock is ticking. That is, after 10 o’clock the hand of the clock will not run towards 11 o’clock; Rather, it will come back from 10 o’clock.

That’s not to say that the clock is giving the wrong time. In this way, the villagers have seen the opposite time and have coordinated their life and work.
But why these exceptional and strange rules? According to the report, the people of that community believe that the earth moves in a counter-clockwise direction.

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That is, from right to left, small and endless. So the hands of the clock should also move from right to left. If the hands of the clock move from left to right, it will conflict with the laws of nature. This is an evil, unnatural act. This may harm them. That is why they have introduced such exceptional rules since 2006.

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