WhatsApp will run on computer without mobile logging

Newshub18 :WhatsApp will run on computer without mobile logging

WhatsApp has launched a new app for computers running on Windows operating system. WhatsApp can be used directly without connecting the smartphone to the computer using the app. As a result, WhatsApp messages or pictures can be easily exchanged on the computer. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft App Store.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has end-to-end encryption to securely exchange information, photos and videos. Not only that, the instant messaging service has become very popular worldwide due to the opportunity to use it on multiple devices at the same time.

WhatsApp is working to bring new apps for Windows as well as MacOS users. As a result, Mac computer users will soon be able to use WhatsApp without a smartphone connection.

It should be noted that since last year, the facility of using the same information on multiple devices is available in WhatsApp. As a result, WhatsApp messages on the mobile phone can also be viewed on the desktop computer. Even when the mobile phone is turned off, it is possible to read the updated messages on the desktop computer. Currently, this feature is available on a maximum of four devices simultaneously.

How to find deleted messages in WhatsApp web version?

WhatsApp Web (Whatsapp Web) is the preferred medium of version users. Instead of the small screen of the phone, WhatsApp can be used on the big screen of the desktop or laptop with the help of the web version (Whatsapp Web Version). But there is a problem with this. Since the WhatsApp account is open on the big screen, there is a possibility of the user’s personal information being exposed. If the user leaves his desktop or laptop without logging out, someone else can see your WhatsApp. As a result, to whom, what messages, pictures, videos or audios you have sent, everything can be leaked. For that a new version has been launched on WhatsApp Web.

This ‘WA Web Plus for WhatsApp’ version of WhatsApp Web is available in Google Chrome, with which the entire user experience can be changed. Because with the help of this feature the user can get back the deleted messages. You can also hide your online status, read receipts. Besides contact name, profile picture, new message – these can be blurred.

Now let’s see how to install WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

This is the case for this extension with a third-party pool, i.e. affiliation with WhatsApp. So those who don’t want to share their WhatsApp data with third parties should not install this extension. However, those who want to install this extension, must first visit the Chrome Web Store. WA Web Plus for WhatsApp can be found there by going to Extensions section. After clicking Add to Chrome button, this extension will be installed in your browser.

How to use WA Web Plus for WhatsApp on Web WhatsApp?

Once this extension is installed in the browser, you can turn on the feature as per your preference by going to its settings page. Chrome will have an extension button. This button will be on the right side of the URL bar. By clicking on the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp icon, users will get the option of the settings page. There you will find many options in privacy and customization category. Some of these options offer paid subscriptions. However, the most commonly used features like Hide Typing Status, Hide Online Status and Restore Deleted Messages – these options are free for customers. From here you can get the benefits by selecting the desired option and checking the tickbox. Now when you open Web WhatsApp in browser, all these new options will be added there. So even if a user sends you a message and deletes it, you will see it

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