What you need to know to learn web design

Newshub18:What you need to know to learn web design.

Web design jobs are in demand on freelance marketplaces. And so thousands of young people have achieved success as freelancers by doing web design. And so those who are new to freelancing can make a career with a good web design training.
To develop yourself as a web designer, you must first know what to learn. It should be remembered that the first step in learning web development, i.e. web programming, is web design. For this you first need to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Because, the basic structure of a website is created through HTML. So it is very important to know the usage of different tags in HTML.

On the other hand, CSS is a method of determining the structure, size, shape, color, position, dynamics, etc. of various elements of a web page. That is, besides designing a web page, CSS makes it suitable for display.
Let’s explain this with an example. Suppose you buy a computer. For this reason, he first thought that before buying a computer, he should also buy a table and a chair. This chair-table purchasing plan can be compared to HTML. On the other hand, the matter of arranging the computer, mouse, keyboard or sound box beautifully on the table is basically CSS.

How to start

Many people look for training centers to learn web design. But there is no need to go anywhere in the beginning. You have to master the basics first. If you want, you can take the help of various content or channels of Google and YouTube. The w3schools.com website also provides detailed information on HTML and CSS.

After mastering the usage of various tags in HTML and classes and IDs in CSS, static web pages can be created without any help. Remember, you will make many mistakes in the beginning. If you solve the mistakes and try again and again, it will be possible to gradually create a good quality web page

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