What Salman Khan told the police about the threat

Newshub18:Bollywood has threatened Salman Khan and his father Selim Khan with an anonymous letter. It read: Like Sidhu Musewala, the consequences are waiting for you.

Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his father were given such a threatening letter on Sunday. Since then, Megastar’s security has been beefed up.

But where the anonymous letter came from, they are trying to unravel. For a long time, Salman Khan has been the target of gangster Lawrence Vishnu. The link in the murder case of Sidhu Musewala has also come up. Due to this, Mumbai police has started combing operation.

Mumbai Police has also recorded the statements of Salman Khan and his father Selim Khan in the case.

According to sources, Salman Khan denied receiving any threatening phone call in his statement to the police. The actor said that he has no animosity or trouble with anyone, he doesn’t even know Lawrence Vishnu or Goldie Brar.

Police recorded the statements of Salman and Selim Khan on Monday. The actor’s security guards recovered the letter from Salman’s apartment on Sunday. Police patrols have been stepped up around Salman’s apartment galaxy.

Maharashtra Home Minister Dilip Wasle Patil had earlier met Joint Commissioner of Police Biswas Nangar Patil to inquire about the whole incident and the investigation process.

Delhi Police has already questioned gangster Lawrence Vishnai in the case. This infamous gangster is currently imprisoned in Tihar Jail. The threatening letter addressed to Salman Khan was not accompanied by any member of his gang, Lawrence said in the interrogation. A team of Mumbai police may soon go to Delhi and interrogate Lawrence Vishnai. Earlier in 2016, Lawrence Vishnu had publicly threatened to kill Salman Khan.

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