What could happen in Sri Lankan politics

Newshub18 :What could happen in Sri Lankan politics.

Several pictures of Sri Lanka are circulating on social media and international media. In these pictures, the protesters are seen lying on the bed of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Someone is swimming in the swimming pool of the Presidential Palace. Besides, pictures of the attack on the house of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have also spread. Protesters now say they will not relinquish control of the two luxury homes until the two formally resign. Protesters have not occupied the presidential palace. Some are singing protest songs, some are hosting barbecue parties, some are eating, and some are chanting slogans against President Gotabhaya.

Earlier, at least 55 people were injured in attacks on the presidential palace and the prime minister’s home, CNN reported. Among the injured were protesters, as well as police and journalists. A lawmaker was also injured.
Three people were injured in the shooting. The video, which was spread on social media, showed protesters attacking the president’s residence and firing on him. Although the army has denied firing.
Protests began in Sri Lanka in March over rising food prices, fuel shortages and power shortages. As a result of the protests, Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from the post of Prime Minister. But the protests did not stop there. Protesters demanded that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resign. Gotabaya has announced his resignation on behalf of the king. But a kind of suspicion has crept in among the protesters. Now they demand that the protests continue until the prime minister and the president formally resign.

The current state of government

Parliament Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abevardhane called an emergency meeting after the attack on the presidential palace. President Gotabaya then announced that he would resign on Wednesday. Bikram Singh also announced in a tweet that he would also resign to form a government with the participation of all parties. However, he did not give a specific date.
In this situation, four ministers have resigned on the weekend. This is the first case of resignation from the top echelons of the government since the protests intensified. Earlier, on April 3, the country’s top ministers resigned and the cabinet was dissolved. At that time, 27 ministers and the governor of the central bank also resigned.

Which can happen

Al-Jazeera’s analysis says that after the resignation of the president, the government will be led by the speaker of the parliament, Mahinda Yapa Abebardane. Parliament must hold new elections within a month of the president’s resignation.
However, it is not clear whether parliament will be able to elect a new president. And who will be elected president, whether he will be acceptable to the common people or protesters.
One thing to note here is that Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s party has the majority in Parliament. As a result, it is difficult to form a new government without the cooperation of this party. Therefore, it is feared that the protests that have started may be prolonged. If a new government is not formed, Sri Lanka’s financial crisis is unlikely to be resolved. This is because Sri Lanka is supposed to pay under the IMF’s Extended Fund Facility (EFF). But for this the country needs a legitimate government. Because, the IMF will be able to pay only after negotiating with this government. Sri Lanka needs a new government even if any country wants to pay. As a result, the IMF and various countries want the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka to be resolved quickly.
That is why the IMF has been closely monitoring the situation in Sri Lanka since the protests began. “We hope the current crisis will be resolved,” the IMF said in a statement on Sunday. If that happens, it will be possible to resume talks with Sri Lanka. ”

Life goes on like this

In Sri Lanka, the weekly working day has been made four days to deal with the crisis. Earlier on Tuesday, the country was declared a defaulter. The country’s capital, Colombo, is in dire need of commodities. As a result, people have to stand in line to collect these products every day. There are also clashes between ordinary people and police in different places while collecting these products

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