West Bengal first Historic mega blood donation camp organized by ISF

Newshub18,sk Jahangir ali : Historic mega blood donation camp organized by ISf.

Bhangar  is very popular in west Bengal . Bhangar has come up in news headlines several times due to clashes, clan conflicts, bloodshed. This time Bhangar MLA Nausad Siddiqui organized a mega blood donation camp on the ground of Bhangar. Blood demand is increasing in the country. Blood supply is less than the demand India needs 10 million units of blood every year, 7.4 million units are available.

So it appears that there is a lot of demand. Therefore, to bring the supply equal to the demand, it is necessary to do more voluntary blood donation camps. It is for this purpose that several political parties, social organizations and clubs of our state conduct blood donation camps. However, Bhangar MLA Naushad Siddiqui’s blood donation camp beat everything.

The blood donation camp organized by Peerzada Naushad Siddiqui in his constituency in Bhangare can be called historic in one word. This blood donation camp practically turned into a festival. Judging by the numbers, around 2720 people donated blood. More than two and a half thousand people are donating blood together in one day in a special organization. Peerzada Naushad Siddiqui did that as a member of the Bhangar Legislative AssemblyA novel festival was held in Shonpur market on Sunday under the initiative of Mohammad Naushad Siddiqui, MLA of South 24 Parganas Bhangar. Blood donation festival. 2720 ​​people voluntarily donated blood. Hundreds more could not have their blood taken due to a fault in the blood collection bags.

Otherwise, the number of blood donors would have easily crossed 3000. But the MLA wants to send a message to the society that such an initiative is necessary to turn blood donation into a great movement. Besides, the MLA feels that the negative image of Bhangar in the public mind needs to be changed. He also said that in the future he has ambitions around Bhangar, everyone should extend their hand of cooperation to make him successful

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