Viral:The ants are carrying the gold chain

Newshub18 :Viral:The ants are carrying the gold chain

Ants swarm when they find something sweet. Such scenes are often seen here and there in the house. However, a video that has recently spread on the Internet has seen a surprising event. The video shows a group of ants carrying a chain that looks like gold. News from NDTV.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) official Sushant Nanda shared the video and tweeted that a group of black ants had been seen carrying a chain on a rocky road to look like gold. Nanda added a short caption to the shared video. He writes ‘Small gold smugglers! The question is under which section will the case be filed against them? ‘But the video is old. The video went viral last year.

Looking at the video, it seems that the group of ants removed the gold chain from the crack in the wall while moving. This wonderful video has caused a storm of discussion on social media.

The video of the ants has been viewed more than 1 lakh 43 thousand times. Funny comments are also below the video. One commented, ‘First you need to know if the ants are boys or girls. If they are girls, then they have the right to a better life with a gold chain. And if it’s male, then we don’t need to sue. The state police will take action against them on the spot.

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