Video of beating of a woman in a restaurant in China goes viral, 9 arrested

Newshub18:Video of beating of a woman in a restaurant in China goes viral, 9 arrested.

Police have arrested nine people after a video of a group of men attacking a woman at a Chinese restaurant went viral. News from the BBC.

The incident in Tangshan city has caused a storm of criticism on social media. This has created a new debate about violence against women in China.
The BBC reports that a man in the restaurant put his hand behind the woman’s back and the woman pushed him away.

The man then hit the woman first. Others who were with him also joined in. He pushed the woman out and started beating her and she fell on the floor.

Another woman came to the restaurant with the woman. He was also beaten by those people. Local government officials say two women victims have been hospitalized. Their condition is stable. They are not seriously injured. However, two others were slightly injured, they said.

Police in the eastern province of Tangshan say they have arrested nine people so far in connection with the attack.
Attacks on women in restaurants became a major topic of discussion on Chinese social media on Saturday.

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It was one of the six most talked about topics on Chinese social media Weibo today. The country’s state-run television has called for maximum punishment against those involved.

In a post with more than a million responses on Weibo, one commented, “This could have happened to me or anyone else.” Another wrote, “How could this happen in 2022? I am requesting to punish them for their crime. No one should be exempted

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