USA court has acquitted Cristiano Ronaldo of rape charges

Newshub18:USA court has acquitted Cristiano Ronaldo of rape charges

USA court has acquitted Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo of rape charges.The lawsuit against Ronaldo was dropped because the plaintiff’s lawyer used leaked information and stolen records.

The Manchester United footballer allegedly raped Katherine Mayorga in 2009 at a Las Vegas hotel. Ronaldo denied the allegations and said no action had been taken against him.

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The news came that the woman came to an agreement outside the court in 2010, when she was given 3 lakh 75 thousand dollars, but she still demanded more money.

Ms Mayorga said she agreed to compromise immediately after the allegations surfaced, although her mental state at the time was not conducive to active participation in the mediation and she felt pressured to accept the offer.

Prior to filing the complaint, Miss Mayorga’s lawyer, Leslie Stoval, collected “stolen” information and data that was confidential and authoritative, District Judge Jennifer Dorsey of the United States wrote.

The judge wrote that the 36-year-old Ronaldo was harmed by the plaintiff’s lawyer, who repeatedly tried to prosecute him with theft and certain documents, which created “distrust” about Ronaldo.

The 42-page verdict was announced on Friday, and news agency AFP reported that Judge Dorsey’s plaintiff’s lawyer, Mr. Stoval has been charged with “misuse of information and misrepresentation of the proceedings.”

As a result, “Mayorga has lost the opportunity to pursue this case.”

Last year, a magistrate Mr. Stoval recommended that the case be dismissed in court.

BBC Mr. Tried to contact him for Stower’s comments.

U.S. prosecutors said in 2019 that Ronaldo would not be punished because the plaintiffs “did not prove the facts beyond reasonable doubt.”

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas said Ms Mayorga had filed a complaint of assault in 2009, but was unable to say where she had been or who she was, for which police had not been able to conduct a “significant investigation.” But in 2016, at his request, the allegations were investigated again.

According to a 2016 article in Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, in 2010 Miss Mayorga came to an out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo, stating that she would never make any outside allegations.

Ms Majorger’s lawyer said she was inspired by the ‘Me Too’ movement and was interested in pursuing the case again

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