US First Lady is infected with Corona

Newshub18 :US First Lady is infected with Corona.

US First Lady Jill Biden is infected with Corona. News of AFP. The White House confirmed the information of Jill Biden’s corona diagnosis on Tuesday. The White House said that Jill Biden has mild symptoms of corona. Two weeks after US President Joe Biden contracted the second round of corona, his wife Jill Biden also contracted the virus.


Elizabeth Alexander, director of communications for Jill Biden, has released a statement on her coronavirus diagnosis.According to the statement, 71-year-old Jill Biden tested negative for corona last Monday. But later he developed cold-like symptoms.
Alexander said Jill Biden tested negative for the rapid antigen test, but later tested positive for the PCR test.Doctors prescribed the US first lady a course of the oral antiviral drug Paxlovide, the statement said.Jill Biden will be in isolation for at least five days after being diagnosed with Corona.Alexander said Jill Biden received two full doses of the corona vaccine. Also took booster dose twice. He is experiencing mild symptoms of Corona.

Jill Biden was diagnosed with coronavirus while vacationing in South Carolina. He is staying in a private residence there.Jill Biden will return to the White House if she tests negative for two consecutive corona tests, her aide said.Recently, Joe Biden recovered from the second round of Corona. His first corona was detected on July 21

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