Unthinkable! Bullet trains will reach the Moon and Mars by using Earth’s gravity

Newshub18 :Unthinkable! Bullet trains will reach the Moon and Mars by using Earth’s gravity.This time, Japan is trying to make the impossible possible. It is known that this country has taken a plan to send people to the moon by running a bullet train from the earth. Not only that, that train will be sent to the moon first. Then if this plan succeeds it will be sent to Mars. In addition, there are also plans to create a glass habitat on Mars. That is, people will live in an artificial space, whose atmosphere will be created like that of Earth.

Meanwhile, in an Artificial Space Habitat, gravity and atmosphere would be determined in such a way that human muscles and bones would not weaken. Note that the muscles and bones of the human body are usually weaker in areas of low gravity. Meanwhile, America is preparing to go to the moon again. On the other hand, China is exploring Mars. Besides, Russia and China are jointly planning a joint mission to the moon. It is in this context that Japan plans bullet trains and artificial space habitats. In such a situation, the possibility of human settlement on other planets is increasing very quickly.

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Humans will begin living on the Moon and Mars by the end of this century: essentially, Glass Habitat will be built on the Moon and Mars. A spacesuit must be worn to get out of this colony. But may not need to use it to stay inside. Also, muscles and bones won’t weaken as much when living here as they would in the open. After all, there’s no telling how difficult it will be to have a baby here. Because this work has not been done in space yet. However, scientists believe that humans will start living on the Moon and Mars in the second half of the 21st century.

Planned by Kyoto University and Kajima Construction: This was jointly planned by Kyoto University and Kajima Construction. Glass will have a conical accommodation. Also, there will be artificial gravity. Not only that, public transport, green areas, water sources, rivers, parks will all be provided. It will be about 1,300 feet long. Also, its prototype will be ready by 2050. However, it may take almost a century for the final version to be created.
Colony names-Lunaglass and Marsglass, trains will run on hexatracks: Moonglass colony will be named Lunaglass and Mars colony will be named Marsglass. In addition, Kyoto University and Kajima Construction are going to build a bullet train called Space Express together.

Which will pass from earth to moon and mars. It will be an Interplanetary Transportation System. Which is named Hexatrack.Maglev train technology will propel the hexacapsule into space: basically, the hexatrack will maintain a gravity of 1G even during long-distance space travel. So that passengers don’t have to endure the loss of zero gravity for long periods of time.

Also, Hexacapsules, will run on Hexatrack. Which will be hexagonal. These will be 15 meter long mini capsules. However, apart from these, there will also be a large capsule of 30 meters in length. which will mainly travel to the Moon and Mars. The capsules will run on electromagnetic technology. The way maglev trains run in Germany and China.

Terra Station will be built on Earth, from which Space Express will launch: each capsule will travel on a radial central axis. That is, going from the Moon to Mars would maintain 1G of gravity. The track station built on Earth will be called Terra Station. It will run on standard gauge tracks. There will be six coaches. It is named Space Express. Also, the first and last coaches will be fitted with rocket boosters. Which will help to move forward or backward. And thus it can be accelerated or slowed down in space.

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