Two killed in Norway gun attack, attacker arrested

Newshub18 :Two killed in Norway gun attack, attacker arrested.

Police in Norway have arrested a 42-year-old man in connection with a gun attack in the capital, Oslo. He has been charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorist activities. News from the BBC

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The shooting happened in Oslo on Saturday morning, local time. Two were killed and at least 21 were injured. The condition of 10 of the injured is critical, local hospital authorities said. The incident took place in an area near a bar on Saturday morning.
Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr told the BBC the man had been interrogated in May for questionable behavior. But he was not considered a threat at the time. “We need to look at what comes out of the investigation now,” he said.

According to some eyewitnesses, the assailant pulled out a gun from his bag and started firing. Many of the panicked people then lay down on the ground. Someone ran away again and escaped. Within minutes of the attack, police, with the help of eyewitnesses, arrested the assailant. Police recovered two weapons from the spot. One of them is a fully automatic gun. Authorities say the attacker was a Norwegian national

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