Turkey seizes Russian cargo ship

Newshub18 :Turkey seizes Russian cargo ship.

Turkish customs have seized a Russian cargo ship carrying food grains from Ukraine. Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey Vasil Badner made the announcement on Sunday. News from BBC and Reuters.
Vasil Badnar said that the name of the Russian ship was ‘Jhibek Jholi’. It left the port of Berdynsk in Ukraine. The ship was intercepted when it reached the Turkish port of Karasu in the Black Sea.

At the moment, the ship is being held 1km off the coast outside the port of Karasu, Reuters reporters at the scene said. The ship was not evacuated until further notice.
It was not known where the food grains on the ship were collected. However, Russia has been accused of stealing grain from areas under its control in Ukraine. Moscow has denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, the final fate of the Russian ship will be decided on Monday after discussions with the people in charge of the investigation, said Vasil Badner.

Earlier, Yevhen Balitsky, the governor of the Russian-controlled territories in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, announced the departure of Zhibek Jholi from Berdynsk. Moscow has recently appointed him.
Yevhen Balitsky said in a telegram on the messaging app that 6,000 tonnes of food grains would be sent to “friendly” countries. The Russian navy stationed in the Black Sea will provide security to the cargo ships

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