Trump will have to submit tax returns to the authorities

Newshub18:Trump will have to submit tax returns to the authorities.Former US President Donald Trump’s tax return has been ordered by the country’s Supreme Court to be submitted to the New York consulate.

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He tried desperately to keep his financial documents from the prosecutors but lost. On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected the plea of ​​Trump’s lawyers without comment.
The former US president has repeatedly said that the summons issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance for tax returns is exaggerated and unacceptable.

But the US Supreme Court ignored his statement and ordered the New York investigation to hand over Trump’s tax return.

During his tenure as President, the New York Attorney General requested that the statement be handed over. At the time, Trump was claiming that he was not obliged to disclose his tax returns.

Trump now lacks some of the legal benefits he received as president. However, the Supreme Court’s directive issued on Monday did not address any legal issues related to Trump’s presidency.Cyrus Vance says work will continue. He did not comment further.


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