Trump put undue pressure on Pence to cancel the vote

Newshub18 :Trump put undue pressure on Pence to cancel the vote.

Former United States President Donald Trump has unjustifiably pressured his vice president, Mike Pence, to cancel the 2020 election results. For the same purpose, Trump endangered Pence during the Capitol Hill riots on January 7, 2021. The information came up during a congressional hearing on the Capitol Hill riots. News from the BBC.

At the hearing, lawmakers listened to Pence’s colleagues. At the hearing, they described the White House’s response to Joe Biden’s victory.

Benny Thompson, chairman of the congressional panel that heard the case, said democracy in the United States had thwarted Trump’s plan. Because then Pence refused to bow to Trump.

A congressional panel set up to hear the Capitol Hill riots has accused Trump of plotting a coup to seize power.
Democrat candidate Biden won the 2020 US presidential election. But then-President Trump refused to accept defeat in the election, alleging fraud.
A joint session of Congress was held on January 7, 2021 to confirm Biden’s victory. At Trump’s instigation, his staunch supporters stormed the Capitol Hill building to block the verification process. Several people, including police, were killed.

A committee has been formed in the lower house of Congress to investigate the attack on Trump supporters on Capitol Hill. The Congress is hearing the matter.
Trump has sharply criticized the Congressional Inquiry into the Capitol Hill attack. He called the Democratic-led committee a “kangaroo court.”
Trump’s remarks have caused a rift in the democratic system. A hearing on the Capitol Hill incident has been arranged to divert attention from the catastrophe ahead of the mid-November elections.

During the third day’s hearing on Thursday, the panel focused on the constitutional process of the presidential election. Trump has publicly claimed that the vice president has the power to block the official recognition of the election results in Congress. However, lawyers and Pence’s associates said that Trump’s claim was not correct.

Greg Jacob, Pence’s adviser at the hearing, said: “Our review of the law, as well as our sense of history and common sense, confirms that he (Pence) did not have the power to change the outcome of the election.”

Michael Lutting, a former Conservative judge and Pence’s official aide, said he thought the United States would be in a constitutional crisis if the vice president listened to Trump’s orders.

Yesterday’s hearing began with a video. The video shows protesters chanting, “Hang Mike Pence.”
Shortly before the protesters chanted such slogans outside the White House, Trump called on his vice president, Pence, to do the “right thing.”
In previous hearings, the panel said Trump had seen on television threatening his supporters during the riots. He then expressed support for the threat. Pence deserves the consequences, he said. Trump’s allies at the time heard him say that.

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Panel members said Trump continued his pressure by tweeting that Pence did not have the courage to intervene. Trump did so even after learning that riots had broken out on Capitol Hill.
Thompson, a panel chairman and Democratic congressman elected from Mississippi, said Mike Pence said “no.” He resisted the pressure. He knew it was illegal. He knew it was wrong. This courage put him in grave danger.
Pence was inside the Congress hall when the rioters attacked Capitol Hill. Some of the images released last Wednesday show Pence and his family members taking refuge with Secret Service agents when rabid people stormed a congressional building.

At yesterday’s hearing, Democrat Pete Aguilar said at one point the distance between Pence and the rioters was only 40 feet. In the video testimony, several of Trump’s aides were heard saying that they heard Trump talking to Pence on the phone on the morning of the riot.
One aide said Trump called Pence “fearful.” He hears this. Another aide said he heard Trump comment that choosing Pence as his running mate in 2016 was a bad decision

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