TRP at the bottom, Tejaswir Nagin 6 in the face of closure! Noise on social media

Newshub18:TRP at the bottom, Tejaswir Nagin 6 in the face of closure! Noise on social media.Tejaswi Prakash, in a word, this celebrity’s name became viral overnight from the house of Bigg Boss. He played flawlessly in the Bigg Boss reality show. Tejaswi was also in a relationship with Karan Kundra. However, even though the reality show is over, the resentment of this pair remains. Before the end of the show comes a call from Naagin series. One after another celebrities have become popular from this series. Mouni Roy’s name is also in the list. As a result, getting the job of acting in the lead role of Naagin series means going somewhere and moving forward in one stroke.

Same is the case with Tejaswi. One clipping after another went viral on social media. Which is practiced everywhere. But this time we got news of heartbreak. Beloved star Tejashwi’s Naagin tour is probably coming to an end. This season was completed in 2022. Because of serial TRP. The current series is not going well. Tejashwi is seen several times on the set with Karan, the shooting is going on fun. However, due to non-running of the series, it has been decided to stop it within a year, according to confidential sources. The possibility of closing in December this year is coming to the fore.


It doesn’t end here, but new serials are coming up at the same time. As a result Tejaswi fans are now very upset. The beloved star will not be seen on the screen every day. However, no notification in this regard has been given so far by this series. So there is no reason to worry now. Although the practice of this in social media is currently high. Whether Tejaswi Prakash is also working in any new serial or movie has not come to light according to B-Town sources

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