This time Salma is in the movie directed by Jolie

Newshub18:This time Salma is in the movie directed by JolieJolie.

It can be called a partial reunion of ‘The Eternal’ movie. Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek will be seen together again after this Marvel photo. But in a different identity. Salma will act under the direction of Angelina Jolie. Jolie will also co-produce the film ‘Without Blood’. In addition to the Mexican actress, Damien Beachir is also in the picture.

Jolie is making the film under the banner of Fremantle. In March last year, the actress signed a three-year contract with the production company. According to the agreement, Jolie will produce a documentary and an original series in addition to the film from the company. Variety says the film, based on the widely read novel by Italian author Alessandro Barico, will highlight “global truths” about war, trauma, memory and recovery.

The fifth film directed by Without Blood’s Jolie. In a statement on the film, Jolie said, “I am honored to be in Italy to make this film with a special theme. I am responsible for filming the novel.

The novel deals with the various questions that arose after the war and the trauma in terms of exceptional poetic style and emotion. Jolie made her directorial debut in 2006 with the documentary A Place in Time. The actress has become very irregular in acting and directing since her breakup with Brad Pitt.

On the other hand, Salma Hayek is still working regularly. In addition to last year’s The Eternal, she also appeared in the hit films Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and House of Gucci. Apart from ‘Without Blood’, he is now shooting three more pictures

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