They will drown in the Jamuna together, but the lover jumps on the shore!

Newshub18:They will drown in the Jamuna together, but the lover jumps on the shore

The two became involved in an affair. But thinking that the society would not accept that relationship, the two decided to jump into the Jamuna and commit suicide.

On the same day, two people appeared on the banks of the Jamuna. But at the time of jumping, Moksham ‘twist’ comes in the story! The woman jumped but the male did not jump.

When she finally swam back, the woman brought charges of betrayal against her boyfriend. The case of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

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According to administration sources, the 32-year-old woman had an extramarital affair several years ago with a two-year-old boy named Chandu. Although the love lasted for several days, the woman went to Pune with her six-year-old daughter for a few days a month ago. And then Chandu got married without informing him.

Returning to Prayagraj on 16 May, the woman found out about the matter. There is also trouble between the two. In the end, the two decided to commit suicide by jumping into the Jamuna at the same time.

The woman alleged that the two appeared at the Jamuna bridge thinking that they would commit suicide together. But after the woman jumped, he saw that his partner did not jump. The woman hurried back to the river.

He contacted Koedganj police station. Chandu has been charged with treason and attempted murder. The woman is currently admitted to a local Hospital

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