There are 5 reasons why Boris Johnson fell

Newshub18 :There are 5 reasons why Boris Johnson fell

Less than three years ago, the Conservative Party of Britain, led by Boris Johnson, came to power with its biggest victory since 1986 in national elections. Now he has to step down after losing the support of party ministers and MPs. How did that happen?

The case of Chris Pincher

Controversial incidents involving Chris Pincher, a Conservative MP and former deputy chief whip, have played a major role in Boris Johnson’s fate. He went to a club in London on June 29. In Pincher’s words, he “drank too much” at the club. Even this incident was ’embarrassing’ to him.

It is alleged that Pincher harassed two people at the club. Based on all these, some more allegations came to light against him. Some of them are a few years old again.
Boris Johnson appointed Pincher as the Conservative Party’s deputy chief whip in February this year. There was a debate about this. Downing Street commented that Boris was not aware of the allegations against him before hiring Pincher.
However, according to a BBC report on July 4, the Prime Minister was aware of the allegations surrounding Pincher. The next day the same thing was said by a former UK government official named Lord MacDonald.
After the incident, Boris Johnson admitted that he knew about the allegations against Pincher. They were brought before him in 2019. He also apologized to Pincher for appointing him as Deputy Chief Whip.

The Corona epidemic disobeys restrictions

Boris Johnson’s birthday was in June 2020. Strict coronary restrictions were in place in the UK at the time. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson joined a party at the Government House on Downing Street. He had to face severe criticism.
Boris Johnson was fined for the incident in April this year. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also apologized for joining the “Bring Your Own Wine” party to the Downing Street garden amid restrictions imposed in the first round due to Corona.

In addition, London police have fined a total of 63 people 126 points for violating lockdown restrictions at Downing Street and White Hall.
The investigation report of a government official named Sue Gray also raised the issue of breaking the lockdown restrictions on various occasions of politically appointed officials. He wrote in the report that the culture of breaking down lockdown restrictions during the Corona must be borne by the senior leadership of the Center, both public and private.
Last December, Boris Johnson told the lower house of Parliament, the House of Commons, that all instructions at 10 Downing Street had been fully complied with. A committee of the House of Commons is now investigating whether he knowingly lied.

Increased cost of living

One of the reasons behind Boris Johnson’s resignation is the rise in commodity prices in the UK. Inflation in the country has risen to 9.1 percent this year.
But many of the reasons for the rise in commodity prices are beyond the control of the Boris Johnson government. One of them is Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The campaign has pushed up fuel prices in the UK. At the same time, the price of food has also jumped.

However, Boris Johnson has taken some steps to handle the situation. Tariffs have been reduced somewhat after fuel oil. The tax rate was also increased last April. The government said the extra tax money would be used for health and social services.
Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. Last April, Labor leader Sir Kerr Sturmer complained that the UK was facing the worst living crisis in decades. In the meantime, the burden of extra taxes has been imposed on the working people.

Wayne Patterson controversy

In October last year, a committee in the lower house of the British Parliament, the House of Commons, recommended that Conservative MP Wayne Patterson be expelled for 30 days. According to the committee, Patterson had illegally tried to provide facilities to a number of organizations in exchange for money.
However, the Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stood in the way. They voted to suspend Wayne Patterson’s deportation. Even a new committee was formed to look into how the allegations against Patterson were investigated.
This is widely criticized. At one point, Patterson was forced to resign. Boris Johnson later admitted that his role in the incident was not correct.

Deficit in planning

Boris Johnson won the election by relying on the implementation of Brexit. But then critics complained that his plan to move the country forward was flawed.
Boris’s biggest critic was his former adviser, Dominic Cummings. He complained that Boris had lost control of himself. He has even changed his position on various issues.
Many have again raised questions about the Prime Minister’s philosophy. According to some, he has no philosophy at all. Conservative MP and former minister Jeremy Hunt said last June that “Boris Johnson lacks honesty, competence and foresight.”
Jeremy Hunt made the allegations before the no-confidence vote against Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson, however, went north in that vote. However, these allegations have become stronger day by day. Due to which this is his consequence today.

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