There are 233 coins in the stomach, batteries, screws and glass

Newshub18 :There are 233 coins in the stomach, batteries, screws and glass

One patient went to the doctor with severe abdominal pain. In no way did the pain subside. After the examination, the doctor’s eyes became forehead. The doctor detected the presence of a metal object in the abdomen of the person. Later, 233 coins were surgically removed. That’s all! There were nails, batteries, magnets, metal screws, pieces of glass.

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The shocking incident took place in Turkey. The Middle East-based news outlet Gulf Today reported the incident. However, the name of the person was not disclosed. Even when he went to the doctor, when he had surgery — the media did not give those details. The report only states that the man is a citizen of Turkey. Age 35 years. He rushed to the doctor in severe pain.
On the advice of the doctor, the person underwent the necessary physical examination including X-ray. Seeing the results, the doctor noticed that he had abnormal and metal objects in his stomach.

Decided to have emergency surgery. Later, he operated and brought out 233 coins and other items one by one.”We have completely cleaned the man’s stomach,” surgeon Benisi told the media. Benissi. He said such incidents are not common.

Every couple of patients come, they are children, prisoners, victims of torture or people who are not mentally healthy. But it is rare for a perfectly healthy and normal adult like him to come to the doctor with such a surprising problem.It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Doctors just said he is fine after the surgery

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