The worst floods of the century in Sydney

Newshub18 :The worst floods of the century in Sydney.

Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities, has been flooded for the third time this year. About 50,000 people have been evacuated from their homes due to the floods. Four days of rain have flooded several areas of Sydney. News from the BBC. The BBC reported on Tuesday that road communication had been cut off. Many houses have been submerged. Thousands of people are spending their days without electricity.

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Hundreds of people have been evacuated from Greater Sydney this year due to the floods.
People have been asked to be prepared to evacuate from 50 areas where there are big rivers. Some areas of New South Wales received 600 millimeters of rain in four days. The Meteorological Department says Greater London receives one-third of the average annual rainfall. Storms have been forecast in Sydney.

Environmentalists say the floods have been caused by climate change and La Nina. Rain, cyclones and winters are on the rise in Australia due to La Nina.
The meteorological department said more than 200 millimeters of rain fell in most places along the entire east coast from Newcastle in New South Wales to Batman Bay in the state of Newcastle. In some places that exceeded 350 millimeters. As a result, dams and rivers are overflowing. Added to this are flash floods and landslides.

An Al Jazeera report said the flood situation was expected to worsen this time around. Roads were submerged due to heavy rains and floods in some areas. Residents in at least 16 areas west of Sydney alone have been told to move to safer shelters. New South Wales Emergency Services Minister Stephanie Cook said: “Even if you are safe in 2021, don’t think you will be safe again. This is a life threatening emergency. He said the situation is changing rapidly. He also warned that people should be prepared to move on short notice.

Stephanie Cook added that those who live within 500 kilometers of Australia’s east coast, north and south of Sydney, should consider canceling school holiday travel plans due to the weather. He said that in the last 24 hours, the emergency services had conducted 29 rescue operations and more than 1,400 calls had been made to them

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