The woman stole 68 crore rupees from the bank and fled abroad, filling the chest with paper

Newshub18 :The woman stole 68 crore rupees from the bank and fled abroad, filling the chest with paper.

Sometimes things happen in real life that are unimaginable. Rather, they closely resemble the screenplays of cinema on the silver screen. We have already seen cases of theft of money from banks in various movies of the country and abroad. Where the heroes and heroines do all the adventures. However, this time there is an incident that will practically defeat the movie.

It is learned that a woman along with her partner robbed the bank where she worked for many years. Not only that, they stole about 68 crore rupees from the vault of the bank and instead filled the vault with pieces of paper. After all, it was also reported that the woman fled abroad with the help of a private jet after making this sensational incident. However, four years after the incident, the accused woman was brought back to the country. The incident happened in Russia.

In this context, a report of “Daily Star” said that the adventurous woman named Inessa Brandenburg not only worked in the bank, but she was also one of the owners of that bank. Also, his accomplice involved in the heist was also on the bank’s “board of directors”. That is, as both of them are high-ranking officials of the bank, none of them initially suspected such a big theft.

Incidentally, in 2018, Inessa stole around Tk 67.49 million from the vaults of the Siberian Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Tyumen. Meanwhile, he fled the country in a private jet before this sensational issue came to light. However, four years after the incident, he was caught in Spain. He was even brought back to Russia.

Inessa was not alone in this incident:

The incident came to light only when the bank clerk found pieces of paper instead of money in the vault. After that, the whole matter came up in the police investigation. In this case, Inessa was not alone in this incident. Rather, another owner and board chairman of the bank concerned, Romanyat, was involved with him. Already in view of this incident, a total of three people have been arrested and sent to jail custody. Besides, a case of cheating has been filed against Inessa.
Besides, through investigation, it has been revealed that Romanyat was the main planner of this incident. Not only that, he appointed Inessa as the deputy chairman of the bank’s board of directors to get access to that huge amount of money very easily. In this situation, Inessa was able to grab the money using her official powers.

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