The United States has said that Israeli military gunfire may have been responsible for Shirin Abu Akleh’s death

Newshub18 :The United States has said that Israeli military gunfire may have been responsible for Shirin Abu Akleh’s death, but the test of the bullet has not yet been completed

A test of a gun bullet that killed Al Jazeera correspondent and Palestinian-American citizen Shirin Abu Akleh could not “reach a final decision” about the source of the bullet, but the U.S. security coordinator assessed the location, presumably for his deathWas responsible, State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement Monday.Price said the conclusion about possible liability for the killings came from a “summary” of the IDF and Palestinian Authority’s investigation – an investigation that gave the US security coordinator “full access” over the past few weeks.

The security coordinator, Price, said there was no specific reason to believe it was intentional, but rather the result of a tragic situation during an IDF-led military operation against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction in Jenin on May 11, 2022, following a series. The terrorist attack in Israel. ”

He noted that the Bullet test was “extremely detailed” and was unable to conclude conclusively about the origin of “independent, third-party investigators, as part of a process overseen by the US Security Coordinator (USSC).”
“Ballistic experts have determined that the bullet was badly damaged, which prevents a clear conclusion,” Price said.
“The United States appreciates and continues to accelerate cooperation between Israel and the PA in this important areaWe will take the next step to engage with Israel and the PA and call for accountability, “he said.” We once again extend our deepest condolences to the family of Abu Akleh. ”

Palestinian officials made the bullet available to U.S. authorities on Saturday. Palestinian Authority Justice Minister Mohammed al-Shaldeh told Al Jazeera on Sunday night that U.S. officials had returned the bullet.

A U.S. official had earlier told CNN that Washington had been pushing for weeks to give Palestinians access to the bullets that killed Abu Akleh.

“We have made our position clear to Israel and the PA that the United States expects a thorough, transparent and impartial investigation into the killing and accountability of Miss Abu Akleh,” a State Department spokesman said when asked about this.

Last month, 24 U.S. senators called for direct U.S. involvement in the investigation into the assassination of Abu Akleh.

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