The United Nations calls for action to stop arms sales in Myanmar

Newshub18:The United Nations calls for action to stop arms sales in Myanmar.The international community should do more to prevent arms sales to Myanmar, the UN human rights office said. Because these weapons are being sold to the Myanmar military. And the military junta is ruling the country by repressing and branding the common people as terrorists.

Myanmar has been in turmoil since the beginning of last year. In early February that year, the military overthrew Myanmar’s elected government and seized power. Then the pro-democracy movement started. The junta arrested thousands of people to suppress the movement. Apart from this, the state of the country’s economy is also very fragile.

The United Nations has accused Myanmar’s junta of genocide and crimes against humanity. However, the junta claims that they are carrying out this operation to suppress “terrorists” who are determined to harm the country.Last Friday, the UN Human Rights Office called for further isolation of Myanmar’s military. The office also said Myanmar’s military junta has failed to govern the country in a meaningful and sustainable manner. The junta failed to deal with the widespread crisis in various sectors of the country’s economy.

In such a situation, the United Nations Human Rights Office has called on member states to ban the sale of arms to Myanmar. At the same time, they called for a ban so that the military does not get access to foreign currency reserves through their own businesses.

The office also said the international community must use all its powers to stand up for the ordinary people of Myanmar and to economically isolate the military junta. Immediate concerted action should be considered to prevent or mitigate any possible attack.The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and the European Union have imposed sanctions on Myanmar since Aung San Suu Kyi seized power after ousting the elected government. However, the trade of the military junta with the neighboring countries is going on. In addition, several countries are supplying military and defense equipment to the junta.


The United Nations Human Rights Office said Russia has provided fighter jets and armored vehicles to Myanmar’s military junta. In addition, China has provided warplanes and aircraft that can deliver goods. Serbia has provided rockets and artillery and India has provided remote air defense stations.

BBC journalist jailed

Meanwhile, Myanmar has sentenced a Myanmar freelance journalist working for BBC Media Action, the charity arm of the British broadcaster, to three years in prison. The journalist, Het Het Khin, hosted a BBC Media Action program for local audiences. He was arrested in August 2021. Since seizing power in February 2021, Myanmar’s military has arrested and jailed many journalists and rights activists. BBC Media Action program director said, these incidents are very worrying

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