The two men who went missing on Amazon were killed, Brazilian police said

Newshub18 :The two men who went missing on Amazon were killed, Brazilian police said.

Brazilian police say a suspect has confessed to shooting missing British journalist Dom Phillips and ethnic minority expert Bruno Pereira. News from the BBC.
Eduardo Fontes, a Brazilian intelligence official, said the suspect, identified as Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, had taken investigators to a location where human remains were buried.

Fontes said police would work with Interpol to confirm the body’s identity.
Journalists Phillips, 56, and Pereira, 41, went missing on June 5 in the deep Amazon. Two brothers, Amaraldo and Oceani da Costa de Oliveira, have been arrested in connection with their disappearance.
“The first suspect, Amaraldo, gave a detailed account of the whole incident,” intelligence official Fontes told reporters. However, his brother denied any involvement in the incident.

Police say several more people involved in the incident could be arrested. They are also trying to find the cause of the murder.
Alessandra Sampaio, wife of British journalist Phillips, said in a statement: “Although we are still waiting for confirmation; This information from the police has put an end to the pain of not knowing the whereabouts of Philippe and Pereira. Now we can bring them home and say goodbye with love. ‘
Alessandra Sampaio also thanked her husband Phillips and Pereira for searching. In particular, the local ethnic group ‘Univaza’ thanked the people of the community.
People from the Univaza community first alerted government officials when the two went missing.

The people of the Univaza community have expressed deep sorrow after the police reported the murder of the two. They say the killings were politically motivated. The two victims were human rights activists. They worked for the rights of these ethnic groups. The slain Phillips has lived in Brazil for more than a decade.

He is also a contributor to The Guardian. He was working on a book about Amazon.
Pereira, another member of the Brazilian government, was associated with Funai, a small nationalist organization. He is an expert on totally isolated minorities. Local minority ethnic groups say Phillips was vocal in his opposition to illegal fishing in the area. He was also threatened for this

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