The trial of two British nationals has begun in Russia

Fighting in Russia’s separatist region has begun the trial of two British nationals detained in Mariupol, Ukraine. The two British nationals are Shawn Pinar and Aiden Aslin.

A video was released on pro-Russian social media on Tuesday. News of the Guardian.The video shows two British nationals fighting for the Ukrainian army and another Moroccan named Ibrahim Sadhu sitting in a court cage.

Prosecutors in the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic say detainees could face the death penalty for fighting terrorism and as foreign fighters.Aslin and Shawn Pinar, both British nationals, said they were fighting as regular Ukrainian troops. So they should be tried as prisoners of war.

According to the report, if the Donetsk court’s picture is true, the two British nationals will be the first Ukrainian fighters to face trial.Analysts say Russia is using “showmanship” to justify its attack on Ukraine and speed up the exchange of captured Russian troops.


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