The Supreme Court has stripped American women of their right to abortion

Newshub18 :The Supreme Court has stripped American women of their right to abortion.

The most sensitive issue in the United States is the abortion law passed by the country’s Supreme Court. The law was repealed on Friday. Through this, the court took away the abortion rights of women. Because of that historic verdict, millions of women will no longer have the legal right to abortion. News from the BBC
There has been talk in the US for a long time that a nationwide law legalizing abortion could be repealed. A secret draft document leaked by the Supreme Court earlier this month suggested that the abortion law could be repealed. It said the US Supreme Court was in favor of overturning the 1983 Row vs. Wade legal decision to legalize abortion nationwide.

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That’s what Supreme Court justices did on Friday. The Conservative-majority Supreme Court has overturned the Women’s Abortion Rights Act, saying states can now allow or ban abortions at their discretion.Missouri is the first state to ban abortion since the ruling.

However, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, reacted angrily to the Supreme Court’s ruling. “American women today enjoy less freedom than their mothers,” she said.US President Joe Biden will give an official response soon.

Meanwhile, rights group The American Civil Liberties Union said in a tweet, “It doesn’t matter what the court says.” No one should be forced to have a child against their will পাত abortion is our right.

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