The stars of this era do not have the ability to pull the audience: explosive Shatrughan

Newshub18:The stars of this era do not have the ability to pull the audience: explosive Shatrughan.

There is a drought in Bollywood. Not a single film is hitting the box office. ‘Brahmastra’ showed some hope in the depressed market, but the condition of the rest of the film is very bad. In this situation, explosive Bollywood actor and Asansol MP Shatrughan Sinha. His clear words, “Today’s stars do not have the power to attract the audience.”
In his words, “Covid has completely broken the film business. Stardom is settled.

In today’s era, stars are no longer sky-high. Everyone is equal in this pandemic”. He cursed the stars. In the words of the once-hit actor, “Now only selected films, and films of selected actors will play. And apart from that, it is very expensive to watch a movie in theaters with the family these days. Even today’s stars do not have the ability to attract viewers. Their personal and social image has sunk into the abyss.” Incidentally, his daughter Sonakshi is also an actor of this era. What is the opinion of the girl haters?

He said “Sonakshi is blushing very well. Everyone says her confidence comes from her father and she looks like her mother. A few days ago, there was a lot of talk about Sonakshi’s love. Her relationship with Zaheer Iqbal was the talk of the town. However, as a father, Shatrughan said that he does not want to enter into the private life of his daughter. At the same time, he also said that he has full confidence in Sonakshi. The actor believes that whatever decision he takes in life, it will be good.

Is the backbone of Bollywood broken due to the boom of southern films? Akshay Kumar opened up about this a few days ago. Not a single film hit this year. He says frankly, “If my film doesn’t work, it’s my fault. I have to make the change. I need to understand exactly what the audience wants from me. I have to think about what kind of picture I should make. I can’t blame anyone for that.” Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Rakshabandhan’ was released recently. That film was not a hit. Rather, it can be said that the face has fallen.

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