The source of the most dry river Thames, the risk of drought in the UK

Newshub18 :The source of the most dry river Thames, the risk of drought in the UK.

The UK’s River Thames has dried up at an all-time high due to extremely warm temperatures. Experts fear that the United Kingdom may fall under the grip of drought. They think that the country is not prepared to deal with the situation. News Reuters.
In terms of average rainfall, July this year was the driest since 1935, according to the UK Met Office. An average rainfall of 23.1 millimeters has been recorded during this period. July was the driest month on record in some parts of the country.
The River Thames in southern England is 215 miles wide. Natural water flow is the source of this river. Generally this source is dry during summer. However, experts say that this year, the water in the river has decreased a lot compared to previous years.

“It has become very, very shallow,” said Rivers Trust officer Elisdair Nawle. You don’t have to go far to stand on the Thames dry land. In fact, that dry place should have been wet at this time, it should always be wet.’
Two water companies in the south of the UK have already temporarily banned the use of hosepipes and sprinkler systems due to unprecedented heat and low rainfall. Another company, Thames Water, plans to take similar measures.
A four-day ‘extreme temperature’ warning was put in place across England and Wales on Thursday. The Met Office has issued such a warning for the first time since UK temperatures reached 40 degrees last month. It was the hottest temperature in UK history.
Hannah Cloke, a climate and water expert at the University of Reading, said less rain had caused water levels in rivers and reservoirs to drop. From there, water for crop cultivation and consumption and water for use in industries are being saved.

“If there is no rain in August, that is, if there is a dry winter season, then we will be in great danger during the spring and the following summer,” Cloke said. Then we will really have no source of water.He thinks that by banning the use of hose pipes, awareness will be created in the minds of people regarding the use of water. But more important is to invest in creating infrastructure and policies to prevent climate change

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