The Queen’s secret letter in a glass box

Newshub18:The Queen’s secret letter in a glass box.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, various issues including her wealth are being discussed. A new discussion has started on a letter written by him. Many people are curious about what was the message in his letter. The letter written by Rani is kept in a glass box.
According to The Mint, common people are always curious about Buckingham Palace and the life of the British royal family. There is a letter written by the queen of that royal family. No one can read that letter now. It is said that this secret letter was written by Queen Elizabeth II herself. That letter cannot be opened for many years. After knowing this, the discussion started, what is written in the letter.

Queen Elizabeth wrote the letter in 1986. The letter is kept in a secret vault in a building in Sydney. The letter also has instructions from the Queen. Rani said that even in the next 63 years no one will be able to open and read that letter. The letter should be opened in 2085. The text of the letter should be read aloud to Sydneysiders. It is believed that the queen may have given a message to the townspeople. Now everyone is interested in what that message is about.
Sydney Mayor Albanez said, “The Queen said, choose a day in 2085 and open the letter.” And read my message to the people of SydneyThe envelope bears the Queen’s signature ‘Elizabeth R’.

The letter is carefully kept in a building named Queen Victoria in Sydney. In November 1986, some work was done on the building named after Queen Victoria. It was during this time that the letter was written by Elizabeth II. That letter is kept in a glass box.
The Queen Victoria Building was inaugurated in 1898. The building was almost demolished in 1959. Then a Malaysian company started the reconstruction of the building in 1984. And in 1986 it was opened. Currently, the building is under the Malaysian company. They have taken lease for 99 yearsQueen Elizabeth II will have a state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London on September 19 at 11 a.m. Officials related to the government gave this information last Saturday. Queen Elizabeth II died last Thursday at Balmoral Palace in Scotland. He was 96 years old

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