The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has said that there is no objection to buying oil from Russia

Newshub18 :The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has said that there is no objection to buying oil from Russia.

Sri Lanka, which is in the throes of an unprecedented economic crisis, may eventually be forced to buy more oil from Russia. The country’s newly appointed prime minister has made such remarks.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he would look into other sources first. But he has no objection to buying more crude oil from Russia. Western nations have largely stopped importing fuel from Russia as a result of sanctions imposed on Ukraine over the war.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Saturday on a wide range of issues, Bikram Singh indicated that he was willing to seek more financial assistance from China, despite his country’s mountainous debt. While acknowledging that the current situation in Sri Lanka is “self-made”, he says Ukraine is making the war situation more difficult. He also said that extreme food shortages could continue till 2024. He said Russia also wanted to give wheat to Sri Lanka.

Two weeks ago, Sri Lanka purchased 90,000 metric tons (99,000 tons) of crude oil from Russia so that their only refinery could be reopened. The Energy Minister told reporters this information.

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Bikram Singh did not comment directly on the report. Instead, he said he did not know if there were any plans to buy more. However, he said Sri Lanka needed fuel urgently. They are currently trying to collect oil and coal from the Middle East. The Middle East usually supplies Sri Lanka with energy.

Bikram Singh said, “If we can arrange from any other source, we will take from there. Otherwise (we) may have to go to Russia again.

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