The president will legalize the cultivation of cannabis, the sale of snake poison! Candidates made strange promises to meet the country’s debt

Newshub18 :The president will legalize the cultivation of cannabis, the sale of snake poison! Candidates made strange promises to meet the country’s debt.Debt-ridden Kenya will hold presidential elections in a few days. One of the candidates in that election is Luchiri Wazakwa. Luchiri with a gray beard and mustache full of eyes, glasses and face is surrounded by crowds of young to middle-aged people wherever he goes. Sometimes this presidential candidate goes out barefoot after a truck shoot. Whether he wins the election or not remains to be seen.

But the discussion about his election promises is going on in other countries too. Apart from election promises, his life is also quite colorful. There were street children on the streets of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. From there he became the head of the police intelligence department. He was exiled and fled to Britain. He also went there to dig the soil for the grave. A section of the countrymen of the financially backward, debt-ridden African continent, enthused by that luchiri’s ‘Bhang Bhan’ slogan.

In debt-ridden Kenya, paying off the country’s debt is one of the election agendas of all political parties. Lucchirio talked about some ways to pay off the country’s debt. The discussion started with those shots. Lucchiri said that if he becomes the president of the country, marijuana will be legalized.

Breeding can also be done by keeping snakes. This snake venom and hyena testicles will be sold to China. Which China will buy at a high price for making medicine. He thinks that it will be much easier to pay off the country’s debt with the money that will be earned by selling it. Although the news agency AFP claims this promise has no real basis. But as difficult as that message is to reach the poor people of Kenya, it is hundred times more difficult to reach Luchiri’s promise. That’s why Luchiri announced at the public meeting, “He is everyone’s president.” He also urged people to vote for the candidate and not the party.

Luchiri said he was rescued from a garbage dump in Nairobi by renowned conservationist Richard Leake. He was rescued and kept in the Hare Krishna temple. He joined the police force in 1980 after finishing high school. In 1990, he investigated the assassination of Kenyan Foreign Minister Roberto Ouko and uncovered the truth. After this, the state torture started on him. Then he fled to Britain. He went there and worked as a gravedigger. Claims to have 17 degrees but can’t prove it.

After returning from Britain, he became the presidential candidate of the Roots Party. The 10-point promises he made include legalization of cannabis, breeding of snakes. Along with that, he condemned public hanging of people who stole government property. He also advocated for making the working day four days. 9 August presidential election in that country. Now let’s see if this eccentric candidate becomes the president of that country or not.

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