The monkey took his treatment at the clinic

Newshub18:The monkey took his treatment at the clinic

If any animal in the zoo and safari park is injured or sick, the concerned authorities arrange for its treatment. And in the case of pets, this is the responsibility of the owner. But if an animal goes to the doctor on its own for treatment, then it should be a surprise. Such an amazing thing happened in Bihar, India.

An injured monkey went to the clinic for treatment. The incident took place in Sasaram town of Bihar, according to Indian media NDTV. Dr. there. The mother monkey came to SM Ahmed Medico Clinic. When he came, he brought his cub with him.

The video of the incident has already gone viral on social media. As seen in the video, the monkey is sitting on the patient’s bed. And the doctor is examining his wound by turning on the light. Later the doctor SM Ahmed dressed the wound. Then he put ointment on the wound


The monkey took his treatment at the clinic

Another part of the video shows the monkey lying on a patient’s bed at the clinic. And a crowd of curious people outside the clinic. They were waiting to see the monkey.
Many people could not believe that the monkey had come to the clinic for treatment. There was surprise in their eyes.

However, the doctors did not allow this curious crowd to stay for long. After treating the monkey, the doctor removed them so that the monkey could return safely.
Regarding coming to the monkey clinic, SM Ahmed said that he was a little scared at first when he saw the monkey in the chamber.

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But later he realizes, it actually hurts. There was panic in the monkey’s face too.
The video, which went viral on Twitter, received a variety of comments. One wrote, “This is humanity.Many people have praised that doctor.

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