The mayor married the crocodile dressed as a bride!

Newshub18 :The mayor married the crocodile dressed as a bride! There are many reasons for this strange style

There is a proverb in Bengali. Crocodile in the water, tiger on land. Residents of areas near the wetlands of our country are afraid of crocodiles all year round. At different times of the year, there are reports of people being injured or killed by crocodiles. But have you ever heard of a person choosing a crocodile as his life partner? Strange as it may sound, this is exactly what happened. Mexican Mayor Hugo Sosha married a crocodile last year.

Sosha is the mayor of Oaxaca, Mexico. On Thursday, he married the crocodile according to his religious rites. The crocodile is decorated in the bride’s dress. Then she went to the local church and got married to Mayor Sosha according to the rules and regulations. Residents of the village were also present at the wedding. After the wedding, the village mayor was seen kissing the crocodile. But the crocodile’s mouth was tied.

According to the beliefs of this village, if one marries an animal, the mother of nature is satisfied. The village of Waxaka is mainly inhabited by fishermen. Their main occupation is fishing and then selling them. For centuries the inhabitants of this village believed that if an animal was married then nature would be very pleased. As a result, happiness and peace are maintained in the whole village.

Fishermen tend to catch more fish in nets. Mother Nature fulfills the unfulfilled desires of the villagers.According to this belief, as a result of such marriages, the families of the villagers became prosperous. That is what the mayor has demanded. He further claims that this crocodile is the messenger of Mother Nature. Its real purpose is to connect man with nature

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