The Korean film that took the box office by storm

Newshub18:The Korean film that took the box office by storm.

Korean action film ‘Confidential Assignment’ was released in 2017. Directed by Kim Sang-hoon, the film topped the box office in its second week of release. 9 million tickets were sold within two weeks of release. It was the most-watched movie in Korea in the first half of that year—with 7.8 million viewers on the streaming platform. ‘Confidential Assignment’ was appreciated not only in Korea, but later worldwide. The film’s sequel ‘Confidential Assignment Two: International’ was released on 7th of this month.

Like the first one, this one is also directed by Kim Sang-hoon. The film retained the top position in the second week of release. So far it has earned 35 million dollars from the box office. According to the Korean Film Council, the film grossed more than $6 million in the three days from last Friday to Sunday, which is slightly less than the first week. Meanwhile, the film has reached the third highest grossing movie of this year.

“Confidential Assignment Two: International” stars Hyun Bin, Im Eun-ah, Daniel Henney in the main roles. Jin Sun Kyu played a villainous role in the film. Five years after the release of the hugely popular The Outlaws in 2017, he was again found in a negative roleThe story of the film is about two spies from North and South Korea. who are desperate to catch a group of notorious criminals. The shooting of the film started in February last year and ended in June 2021

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