The husband buried his wife alive, in the end the Apple Watch saved the woman’s life

Newshub18:The husband buried his wife alive, in the end the Apple Watch saved the woman’s life.

WASHINGTON: If you commit a crime, you will be caught, it has been like that for ages. Criminologists say that every crime leaves behind incriminating evidence, and if that evidence can be found, it will be easier to solve the crime. A similar incident happened recently in Washington, the capital of America. A woman was buried alive by her husband with the intention of murdering her. But luckily he was able to come out of the grave. It was the smartwatch in hand that ultimately saved the woman’s life. The woman survived with the help of Apple Watch.

What exactly happened?
The woman was reportedly stabbed and buried alive in a shallow grave. It is known that her husband was behind the conspiracy. But because the grave was shallow, the woman somehow managed to get out. After coming out, he called the police helpline number 911 from his Apple Watch. According to various news reports, this incident took place on the afternoon of October 16. Police reached the spot after receiving the woman’s call and rescued the woman. It is known that the 42-year-old woman was taken from the house and buried by her husband.


According to police sources, the 42-year-old woman’s name is Yong Suk An. He was married to Chae Kyung An. But the couple did not live together and divorce proceedings were pending between them. According to the police, the dispute between them escalated over Khorposh’s money. The police have already arrested the accused in this incident

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