The house of ‘muster mind’ was demolished in Prayagraj by bulldozers before proved guilty

Newshub18 :The house of ‘muster mind’ was demolished in Prayagraj by bulldozers before proved guilty.

Uttar Pradesh police on Sunday demolished the ‘illegally’ built residence of Javed Ahmed, accused of Prayagraj violence. The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) had earlier issued a notice for demolition of the residence. Then today is Sunday with a bulldozer.

A large contingent of security forces was deployed in front of Javed’s residence for the operation. Earlier, Uttar Pradesh police had identified Javed Ahmed as the “mastermind” of the protests and violence that erupted in the city after the Jumma prayers on June 10.

Earlier, ‘bulldozer politics’ was seen in Uttar Pradesh after communal violence at different times. The administration was seen bulldozing the houses of the protesters. Following this, various BJP-ruled states have also “punished” the protesters. This time, the Uttar Pradesh government again ‘punished’ the protesters by using that bulldozer.
Violence has recently spread in various parts of Uttar Pradesh in the wake of Nupur Sharma’s remarks about the Prophet.

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At the time, the government had issued a “warning” to use bulldozers. Similarly, today the Yogi administration started destroying the property of those accused of spreading violence in Prayagraj, Saharanpur and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Saharanpur police shared a video of bulldozers destroying the property of the accused. A total of 64 people have been arrested in Saharanpur recently on charges of disturbing the peace in the society. Meanwhile, the Kanpur Development Authority has demolished the house of a close relative of accused Zafar Hayat Hasmi in Kanpur.

Earlier, Yogi’s media adviser Mrityunjay Kumar and several other BJP leaders had warned to drive a bulldozer yesterday. Swatantra Dev Singh, a minister in the Yogi government and president of the state BJP, also questioned the use of bulldozers to demolish the houses of the accused

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