The flower contains the belly of a giant snake, the wide-eyed young man searching for his grandmothe

Newshub18:The flower contains the belly of a giant snake, the wide-eyed young man searching for his grandmothe.Grandma went to collect rubber from the rubber garden. Since then he could not be found. The grandchildren notified emergency services. Grandma was also searching in the forest.

And while searching, a 22 feet long giant python snake fell in front of them. One area of ​​his stomach was swollen. On suspicion, the villagers killed the snake and cut its stomach. It can be seen that the grandmother’s body is curled up in the snake’s digestive system. This shocking incident happened last Sunday (October 23), in Jambi Province, Indonesia. 54 year old Zahra lived in Terjun Gaza village of Jambi.

He left home on Friday afternoon (October 21). He informed the family that he was going to collect rubber from the local rubber garden. Did not return. The head of Terjun Gaza village, Anto, said it was probably that night that the snake first bit Zahra. Then, he was twisted and crushed. Then, he was strangled by the snake. Finally, it swallowed him by the head. They believe the ordeal lasted for at least a couple of hours. Anto said, “The villagers killed the snake and cut open its stomach. Then everyone was surprised. The woman we were looking for was inside the snake’s belly.

Everyone in the village is now very worried. Because, there is also a 27 feet python in this area. Several other giant pythons have been spotted. Attempts were made to capture the 27-foot python, but efforts failed due to its massive size. It has already swallowed two village goats.” In fact, Indonesia is well-known as home to giant pythons. Pythons are seen in large numbers in this South Asian country. Even before Zahra, many people have been victims of pythons in that country. However, according to animal scientists, humans are not a regular food for pythons. They mainly hunt and eat wild animals.

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