The fall of Boris is proof that parliamentary democracy is effective

Newshub18 :The fall of Boris is proof that parliamentary democracy is effective.

‘The whole thing is incredible. As I write this, I’m still sitting on Downing Street. He can’t believe he was fired, like an illegal settler in the Sinai Desert, or like David Brent in that embarrassing episode of the TV series The Office. ”

Whose name will come to mind to fill in the blanks in the translation of the beginning of an article published in The Telegraph on May 10, 2010 12 years ago? The words were written by the then Telegraph columnist Boris Johnson about the then outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He could not have imagined that the words would become a cruel truth at the end of his prime ministership.At least 52 ministers, state ministers and parliamentary advisers have resigned in 36 hours to remove Boris Johnson from Downing Street, saying it is no longer possible to work under his leadership, rejecting honesty, grandeur and morality. The situation was such that none of his party’s nearly three and a half hundred MPs could be found to fill the vacancies of the resigned ministers.

Boris Johnson’s desperate attempt to retain the “best job in the world” in his language is comparable to the only former US president in recent Western politics, Trump, who made every effort to rule out an election defeat. The British Trump that President Trump called Boris Johnson probably did not make a very wrong mistake.
The majority Boris won in December 2019 was unmatched by any other party since 1986. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. No one can say who will replace him, as Tony Blair’s replacement Gordon Brown or David Cameron’s replacement Theresa May or Boris Johnson. Because of this uncontested position, the party’s MPs did not want to remove him even a couple of months ago for accusing him of lying or disobeying his own laws.

Boris’s popularity and authority have not been tarnished by allegations of scandals over his sex life with young American Jennifer Archery. However, it was too late for him to appoint Chris Pincher as the Deputy Chief Whip, ignoring the allegations of sexual offenses. There have been similar allegations against Chris Pincher before. Knowing this, Boris indulged the culprit and hid the truth after the scandal broke, taking refuge in lies. It was no longer possible for his fellow ministers and party MPs to deal with the constant allegations of untruth.

In an interview with the BBC just a couple of weeks ago, Boris Johnson said that if anyone expected his mental transformation to happen, it would never happen. After such a strong demand not to change himself, such an outcome is not unusual at all.
The end of Boris’s time was well understood. But no one thinks that it will happen within a week of the no-confidence vote of the party MPs.The confidence vote among his party’s MPs was held on June 7 against the backdrop of the political turmoil caused by dozens of parties on Downing Street amid a nationwide crackdown on the Corona epidemic. Boris Johnson is the only British Prime Minister to be fined by the police for breaking the law while in office.

Apart from this, the government’s administrative investigation also criticized his leadership and accused him of immoral behavior. Opposition parties, including the pro-Tory newspaper Times, called him a “serial liar” and called for his resignation.
Boris Johnson has announced that he will continue to serve until his successor is elected. So is the conventional tradition. He has also started making new appointments in the cabinet. But many of his former fellow ministers and MPs say he has no confidence in anyone and that someone else should be appointed as interim prime minister. According to them, due to the ongoing deep economic crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war, the Prime Minister of Britain should not be held by someone who does not have the confidence of Parliament. All the opposition parties have made the same demand. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Rabb is also expected to take over the reins of government.

According to the Conservative Party’s constitution, there is a provision for all members to vote in the election of the party’s leader, which requires time to organize and will not be possible before the party conference next October. However, in the interim, the party’s MPs can hold a special meeting to elect the acting leader. It remains to be seen whether those who are making the effort will succeed next week.

Opposition leader Kier Sturmer said he would seek a vote of confidence in parliament against Boris Johnson’s decision to remain caretaker prime minister.
If that confidence is lost in the vote, there will be new elections in Britain. However, whether the Conservative Party wants Boris to resign, but does not want to run in the by-elections, depends on whether the opposition’s strategy succeeds. As a result, many unresolved constitutional questions are likely to arise. However, it has been proven once again that the British Parliament is capable of maintaining the supremacy of effective parliamentary democracy

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