The end is not the end,Emilia Clarke’s career

Newshub18:The end is not the end,Emilia Clarke’s career.

The end is not the end ‘seems to be the same. Game of Thrones, the most talked about series in Emilia Clarke’s career, has come to an end three years ago. After that, the actress did not act in any movie or series. However, it does not seem to have had much effect on his income.

Because, in the last two years, he has earned 75 lakh pounds without doing anything! He made this income for the benefit of his performing arts company ‘Scenic Route’. He started this company in 2014. It has never been heard of before.

But as soon as Game of Thrones is over, viewers start to miss the actress; That’s when the company’s expansion increased. According to the British media The Sun, the company’s revenue in 2020 was 3.5 million pounds, which increased to 3.9 million pounds last year.

Emilia became a huge star with Game of Thrones. He is seen in the popular HBO series as Daneris Targaryen. It is learned that he has received a salary of 1 lakh 60 thousand pounds per episode in this series. While acting in this series is far away, doubts are created about the life of the actress .

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Emilia had to undergo two complex surgeries early in her career after suffering a brain stroke. After finishing the ‘Game of Thrones’ chapter, the actress is busy reshaping her career. Although he has not worked for the last three years, he will have several TV and series in front of him. The first of these is the ‘Secret Invasion’. This is the first time he has joined the Marvel series with this series.

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