The curtain rises on the Lokeren festival toda

Newshub18:The curtain rises on the Lokeren festival toda.

The city of lakes and hills will host a gathering of film lovers from today. The curtain rises today at the Lokeren Film Festival in the city of Lokeren. Switzerland’s 75th edition returns with a post-pandemic surprise. As always, this time, priority has been given to artistic films. Apart from this, the nominations of the official category of the festival are occupied mostly by young creators. It will start on August 3 and continue till August 13. On the first day of the festival, ‘Bullet Train’ directed by David Leach will be screened. Five assassins board a speeding bullet train.

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Those who once understand, all have the same purpose. Thriller and action genre movie starring Brad Pitt, Joy King and others.Apart from this, India’s ‘Aryappi’, Belgium’s ‘Bowling Saturn’, Lebanon’s ‘Human Flower of Flesh’, Austria’s ‘Matter Out of Place’, Germany’s ‘Plafi’, France’s ‘Rules 34’, Portugal’s ‘Team Gun’, are participating in the official category. 17 movies including Malaysia’s ‘Stone Turtle’The main awards will be given from the films of the official category.

In this year’s festival, films will be screened in 11 sections. Among them, films will participate in the competition in three categories, including official. 17 films of the official category will fight for the Golden Leopard, the highest award of the festival20 awards will be given in different categories including best director, cinema. A total of 226 films will be screened at the festival this year, selected from over 3,000 films. Out of this, 105 movies will have world premieres. Ahead of the festival, movies have been shown at Prinza Grande Lokerne Kid’s branch since yesterday. The festival will start with the movies of this branch.

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