The Chinese spacecraft took a picture of ‘the whole of Mars’

Newshub18 :The Chinese spacecraft took a picture of ‘the whole of Mars’.

China’s unmanned spacecraft Tianwen-1 has taken pictures of the entire surface of Mars and sent data to Earth. There are some pictures of the south pole of Mars. After landing early last year, Tianwen-1 took pictures after orbiting 1,300 times in different parts of Mars. This was reported in the report of the state-owned media of China on Wednesday.
Tianwen-1 successfully landed on the red planet Mars in February 2021. This was China’s first mission to Mars. Since then a robotic rover has been deployed to Mars. Meanwhile, a Chinese orbiter on the International Space Station is operating on Mars with the robotic rover.

Among the photos taken are some of the first photos taken by China at the Martian South Pole on Mars. That part of Mars contains almost all the water reserves of the planet.In 2016, an orbiter sent by the European Space Agency first discovered water storage under ice at the south pole of Mars.
It is important to know about the existence of life on Mars and whether there is a permanent source to observe the planet by sending humans.

There is a four thousand kilometer long canyon on Mars called the Wallace Marineris. Tianwen-1 also sent a picture of that gorge. The northern part of Mars is higher than the other part. To the north is a hole called Arabia Terra. The unmanned Chinese spacecraft also sent pictures of that hole.

The spacecraft also sent high-quality images of a giant hole in Mars called Mandar. He also sent pictures of the top and bottom of a 16,000-meter (59,055-foot) volcanic slope called Ascarius Mons.
The volcano was first discovered by NASA’s Mariner-9 spacecraft, which was sent to Mars more than five decades ago

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