The American director said goodbye

Newshub18:The American director said goodbye.

A lot of the excitement is gone,’ the actor hinted at the end in an interview with Alec Baldwin in June this year. He said, his 50th movie may be the last movie of his career. Woody Allen officially announced the end. The famous American director announced his retirement in an interview with a Spanish daily. News of Variety.

Allen will begin shooting his new film in France in a few weeks. In an earlier interview, the 86-year-old director said that he would focus on writing after retiring from filmmaking. Allen said his 50th film is similar to his 2005 film Match Point. Already a regular director in production along with writing. Published on September 30.

Allen’s humorous short story collection Zero Gravity.
In an interview given a few months ago, he also stated the reason for not feeling the same excitement about the film as before, ‘Now, after the release, the film only runs for a few weeks, after which it is released on the streaming platform or home media. The two are not the same thing. This is not enjoyable for me.

In 1966, What’s Up, Tiger Lily? Allen made his directorial debut with His 49 films were released in the next five decades. Once the director was asked by the Times of London to select his own best work. At the beginning he said it was ‘very challenging’, but later Allen mentioned The Purple Rose of Cairo, Match Point, Bullet Over Broadway, Jelling, Husbands and Wives and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The director has won four Oscars in a career spanning six decades. Once as a director, three times as a screenwriter.

Woody Allen has been accused of sexual harassment by his adopted daughter Dylan. However, the director has always denied the allegations. Allegations of sexual harassment against Woody Allen have not been proven in court. However, many actors have regretted working with the director due to serious allegations of sexual harassment. Many also announced that they would not work with Woody Allen in the future.

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