Sunak tops the fourth round of polls, further ahead of becoming the prime minister

Newshub18 :Sunak tops the fourth round of polls, further ahead of becoming the prime minister

Rishi Sunak, the country’s former finance minister, took another step forward for the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He got the highest number of votes in the fourth round of elections. According to the news of the British media BBC, MPs of the ruling Conservative Party took part in another round of voting on Tuesday. A maximum of 118 MPs voted for Indian-origin Sunak in that vote. Prior to this, he was at the top in three rounds of voting. Junior Commerce Minister Penny Mordant was able to retain the second place in Tuesday’s voting.

However, Foreign Minister Liz Truss narrowed the gap in this year’s vote. There was a fierce fight between these two. Mordant got 92 votes and Truss got 85. Kemi Badenoch has been knocked out of the race to become prime minister after receiving the fewest votes (59). Another round of voting will be held on Wednesday between the three candidates, Sunak, Mordant and Truss. Two will be selected there. And they will participate in the final vote. Sunak has a high chance of going to the finals. Members of the Conservative Party will elect one of the two as party leader and prime minister through voting.

Fighting is going on

In Britain, the fight is going on. And in that fight, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin went a little bit further. At the end of the fourth round, he is the first. He got a total of 118 votes in this round. There isn’t much left for the final fight. There are only three prime ministerial candidates. They will fight in the next round. Kemi Badenoch was eliminated in the fourth round.

Kemi received 59 votes in this round. The other two prime ministerial candidates Liz Truss and Penny Mordont received 86 and 92 votes respectively.
Recently outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned against Rishi Sunak, son-in-law of Infosys boss. According to British media reports, Johnson has advised his close MPs not to vote for Rishi Sunak.

Boris Johnson resigned on the 7th of this month. Rishi Sunak also resigned as Chancellor. Then the fight for a new prime minister began. In this fight, MPs will choose the Prime Minister from within the party. The boat is moving step by step. One candidate is eliminated in each round. In this way Sunak reached the top at the end of the fourth round. He got 115 votes on Monday.

In the end, Rishi will be the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of Britain. He became the first MP in 2010. Rishi was once known to be close to Boris Johnson. But later their distance increases. On the one hand, he is heard criticizing Johnson. On the other hand, Johnson is also asking him to refrain from voting.

However, he raised taxes in several cases while Chancellor. So Rishi Sunak is on the dislike list of many people. Not only that, a section of the public claims that he did not take any initiative in the public interest after the price hike in the Corona situation. Apart from this, it is also heard that his opponents are spreading some of his old videos on social media and spreading negative propaganda. But who will have the last laugh will be known on September 5. The name of the Prime Minister will be announced on that day

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