Strong earthquake in the Philippines, Manila also shook

Newshub18 :Strong earthquake in the Philippines, Manila also shook

A strong earthquake shook the island of Luzon in the Philippines. According to the United States Geological Survey, the magnitude of this Wednesday’s earthquake was 7.1. A hospital and several buildings were severely damaged by the earthquake in a northern province of the country. The earthquake was also felt in the capital, Manila.
The news was reported by the news agency Reuters. It is said that 4 people have been killed in the earthquake so far. The epicenter of this powerful earthquake was 11 km southeast of Dolores City, Luzon Island. The depth of the earthquake there was 10 km.

A hospital in Aba province was evacuated after the earthquake partially collapsed, Philippine officials said. But no one was injured there.
Governor Joy Bernos posted some photos of the collapsed Aba Provincial Hospital on Facebook. In those pictures, it can be seen that a big hole has been created in front of the main gate of the hospital. Other pictures show hospital staff and bed sheets lying outside the hospital. There was also a patient in a bed.
“We are still feeling the aftershocks here,” said Rovlin Villamor, mayor of the province’s Laganjilang town. I came to know that the house was damaged. However, no one has been injured yet. We don’t have electricity here now. Power has been cut off automatically considering the risk.

Renato Solidum, director of the National Earthquake Agency, told a local radio station that strong aftershocks are expected.
Solidam said, now Abra and surrounding provinces are being looked at more. It is a big earthquake. He also said that landslides have occurred in some areas of Abra. Landslides have occurred especially in Manabo town of the province.

The earthquake was also felt in the capital, Manila. People were taken to safety from multiple buildings there. Some frightened people were forced to flee from the 30th floor of a building. The city’s metro rail rushes as people flee in fear of the earthquake.
Due to its location, many natural disasters including earthquakes often occur in the Philippines. Due to the active ‘Volcanic Ring’ or ‘Ring of Fire’ under the Pacific Ocean, the risk of earthquakes in the Philippines is high

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